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Blogroll Posts checks links in your blogroll categories you select for RSS feeds to display the latest post(s) in your blogroll rather than just a list of websites. Feed data is cached and automatically updated in the background to avoid slowing down your site.

Stop showing the same old boring blogroll links and start showing off the latest content with Blogroll Posts.


  • Auto-discovers RSS feeds if not specified in link details
  • Caches discovered feeds
  • Caches latest posts using WordPress built-in cache
  • Auto-updating on timed schedule using WordPress cron, avoiding lag on page load
  • Customize output with template
  • Fallback to standard blogroll display (with template)


  1. Upload `blogroll-posts` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin in the Settings > Blogroll Posts menu screen
  4. Include get_blogrollPosts() in your theme to output posts


  • Blogroll Posts has been tested on WordPress 2.9+. Earlier versions may work, but are unsupported.
  • CURL library installed and accessible via PHP
  • PHP 5 running on your server


  • get_blogrollPosts( $options, $output )
  • options (array) – override control panel settings
  • output (boolean) – echo output if true, return if false [default:true]
option type default description
errors boolean false Output errors for debugging purposes.
categories string n/a Limit to these link categories. Accepts comma separated list. Note: all categories requested manually MUST be included in the settings admin page or their posts will not be cached.
max_output integer 2 The total number of posts you’d like to output.
type set newest random|newest|split
What kind of posts are you looking for? A random sampling, the newest posts, or an even split between the two?
max_each integer 1 Maximum number of posts per blog in results.
sort_order set newest random|newest|oldest
How you’d like to order the posts in your result set.
before_list string <ul> HTML to print before the list.
html_template string ** HTML to print for each blog post.
fallback_template string ** HTML to print in event no posts could be found (failsafe mode).
after_list string </ul> HTML to print after the list.
group_by set none none|author|date|linkurl
If you’d like to group posts together, specify a field to group based on, or ‘none’ to disable grouping. If ‘date’ is specified as the grouping, please note it only takes in to account the date, the time is ignored.
group_sort set newest newest|oldest|random|ascending|descending
Sort groups, posts inside group will sort by sort_order.
group_sort_field set linkname any field
If group_sort is ascending or descending, this is the field to sort on.
max_groups integer 0 Limit output to a specified number of groups, use max_each to control the number of posts per group.
before_group string <li><ul> HTML to print before the group.
before_list string </ul></li> HTML to print after the group.


Blogroll Posts Plugin 1.1.3
Last updated: 2010-04-10

Version History

  • = 1.1.3 = April 9, 2010

    • Check for redirected RSS feeds when caching RSS URL and when fetching posts fails
    • Option to reset RSS feed link cache and re-discover links
  • = 1.1.2 = March 31, 2010

  • = 1.1.1 = March 30, 2010

    • Can now use template fields in before_list and after_list
    • Added ‘published’ as recognized date field in RSS feed
  • = 1.1.0 = March 29, 2010

    • Ability to group posts together
    • Sort groups by specific field
    • Alpha-sort
  • = 1.0.0 = March 28, 2010

    • Initial release.

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